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Price: $19.95 / 46oz 

Our Raw Desert Wildflower is a natural blend of Sonoran Desert flowers from Arizona.  Spun from the combs and bottled while liquid and is never heated, this honey has all the natural enzymes and fine flavors Mother Nature intended. Arizona’s “dry heat” produces honey with 14%-16% moisture, compared to 18% in most commercial honey.  This thicker honey will crystallize naturally and can be warmed to soften.

Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar made by bees. Honeybees (Apis mellifera) collect a liquid secretion from flowers, called nectar, and take this back to their hives. At the hive, honeybees add enzymes to the nectar, and place it in wax cells where it ripens to form honey. During ripening, the enzymes convert sucrose (a type of sugar in the nectar) into glucose and fructose.

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